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Save Money and Time with An Energy-Efficient Water System

Today’s homeowners are always looking for ways to make their homes more energy-efficient. The Gravity flow hot water system is one way to achieve this goal. The Grav-Flow system is not a gadget-but a simple two-pipe design that utilizes the forces of nature to deliver hot water quickly. Hugo Plumbing Company, Inc. has over 50 years of experience installing these convenient hot water systems. Harnessing nature enables this system to be almost maintenance-free.

gravity flow hot water system

Discover the Benefits of the Gravity Flow Hot Water System

In one client’s home, we added an additional storage tank using the Grav-Flow tank design. We doubled their hot water volume without the cost of adding extra utility connections. We also installed the Grav-Flow Loop design to their master bath and cut their hot water wait from over two minutes to less than 10 seconds. The Grav-Flow design will provide an immediate supply of hot water for all your dishwashing, laundry, and showering needs. This design will provide savings on your monthly energy, water, and sewer utility bills.

Get Hot Water Faster

In the average home, the usual wait time for hot water is roughly 30 seconds. With the gravity flow hot water system, it’s around five seconds.

Saves Money

In medium to large homes, the Grav-Flow system can save your family as much as $80 a year on utilities.

Deliverers to All Your Faucets

Most homes waste 10,000 gallons per year while waiting for hot water. The Grav-Flow system can decrease this waste as much as 90%. WOW! Think of the economic and energy saving impact.

Covers More Sq. Ft.

Whether you have a small or ranch-style home, the Grav-Flow system will deliver hot water to all your faucets quickly. Best installed in new homes but retro systems work very well!

woman drying son after bath

Saves Time and Money

Hugo Plumbing’s installation of the Grav-Flow system will help cut your time on waiting for hot water: around 75 hours or more a year. The quick hot water delivery helps your family’s utility bill by decreasing energy consumption as well as the water and sewer fees associated with long hot water runs. Contact us today for more information.

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