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plumbing parts

We Will Help You Find the Right Parts

In the early 1960s, our father Bob Hugo was trying to raise 5 kids and manage a company. By the late 1970s, Charlie, a plumber friend of his, had opened a plumbing parts store in Mississippi. Charlie’s health began failing and his doctor advised him to sell his parts store. Our father bought his business with a vision of starting Hugo Plumbing Parts. Hugo Plumbing Co., Inc. has been operating together with Hugo Plumbing Parts at our current location since 1973, in the heart of Bartlett.

The key to our success has been providing the customers and our plumbers with the right part which keeps them from having to call or travel all over town. Think about any project you start: having the right parts is a key component in the project’s success. The average plumber is only 48% efficient with his time. Since time factors heavily in the cost of a job, calling or riding around for plumbing materials is a burden. We like to say, “One Stop, One Call, Hugo Can Help You Through It All”. Not only does Hugo Plumbing Parts save you time, but it helps our Hugo Plumbing service trucks run much more efficiently. Call or Come by our Hugo Parts counter and we will help you find the right parts.

part counter

What We Offer

  • Local parts counter
  • Professionally staffed
  • Bench repairs (yes, we do in-shop repairs)
  • New parts, faucets, toilets, and water heaters
  • Used Parts, toilet bowls tanks and lids many old faucet parts
  • Bob Hugo still comes out several days a week and helps with the counter sales

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